Our core business principles:



Technology evolves and reinvents itself quickly; Invesus continually invests in new technologies and products to ensure that our clients get quality service.

PROfit is our proprietary, fully integrated, intuitive and user-friendly platform which applies a holistic approach – crossing all facets of our business – from marketing, trading, risk management, compliance and financial reporting.

Our integrated approach involves online marketing campaigns, managed by a pioneering agency, that avoids buying media on traditional sites in order to maximise efficiency. The enterprise resource planning functionality of PROfit provides real time data capture and profiling of leads to enable effective marketing campaign management while our Pool Prediction module enables automated lead allocation to the appropriate sales agents. This is crucial to providing the personalised education and service required by first-time online traders. Real-time, live feedback, including input from call centres, enables rapid responses and the continuous optimisation of individual campaigns.  

PROfit’s robustness allows us to scale up our business – whether it be by adding new products, entering new markets or servicing the needs of our white label partners.